Take this, when i was in the mode of ruining this scam paid to blog website and check their website the error connection appear. Where art thou the scammer BlogAdvertisingStore former Paying Post? Are they just hiding or their website is probably not functional. Or perhaps they are changing other names again to victimize more innocent bloggers who blog responsibly with their honest to goodness opinion but never got paid from this site. BlogAdvertisingStore or Paying Post is proven scambug website who never pay their bloggers for doing reviews from their advertisers. I am thinking maybe the advertisers are part of this scam. I’m pretty sure they are aware of this website negative reputation from different bloggers. This website still owe me and now that i am in the mode to ask for payment the website is gone. Im thinking they are dead now because I can smell their rotten spirit in the blogworld hehehe. If this website have change their name again, I wish there is a way we can figure out that thats the old paying post so we can stay away from their website and they never get the chance to steal the money from the advertisers which is supposed to be pay for the bloggers. If you happen to read this post and have been blogging in BlogAdvertisingStore or paying Post better stop it now because you will never get paid. Blog AdvertisingStore or Paying Post is a Scam! Scam! Scam!