“It’s cheap to buy a house right now in America” this is what my friend/classmate said to me one time when we were talking in facebook. I replied yes it is as there are lots of foreclosures and Outer banks foreclosures that are on sale in the market. The real estate is low but the problem is we don’t have the amount of money to buy a house. Our conversation was about being rich as he considered me rich because I live in the USA. Some people back home have different ideas and concepts about living abroad, specifically if they know that you live in the United States. I made a joke to him that if I am rich i wonder what is poor to him. He answered me like rich people have house, car, job, and all the luxury in life. So, I laughed at him and told him that, well I don’t have house, i don’t have job, our car is 11 years old, and I stayed home most of the time because we can’t afford to go out or dine out or shopping maybe. That was when he said how come we don’t have a house; the real estate is cheap in America right now. Well, like I said even if the real estate is cheap if you don’t have the money to buy or pay for equity it’s useless.