Every Friday we always see yummylicious, scrumtious, sumptious, and mouth watering foodiesfrom different part of the blogging world. And I always see and drool those beef broccoli that Isaw at Marz Willa last week and lulu’s kitchen before. As you all know I am not fond of cooking especially if i can’t find the ingredients that I need in cooking. I also need to have recipe as guide. So, after i saw the beef broccoli at Marz Willa’s entry last week i gathered all the spices that needed in this recipe. It was a success and not bad for the first timer. I added unions with my broccoli and I did not put oyster sauce to because I am out of oyster sauce. Joe_dub doesn’t know where to find the oyster sauce in the asian section at Giant eagle. He doesn’t know how to find things though. For more yummy foodies click the button and visit other Food trippers.