Thanks to Calen Wandere for the guest post!

I have always been somewhat of a penny-pincher but to be completely honest, with today’s poor economy I just can’t afford to throw away my hard earned money on overpriced everyday items. Each week before doing the shopping, I would clip out all of the coupons from our newspaper.

But a couple of months ago, I saw an episode of our evening news that would drastically change my life for the better. The episode featured a woman just a few counties over, who would collect the coupons from newspapers, just as I do, but she didn’t stop there. The camera crews captured her every move, showing in great detail her methods to spending only 40 dollars on over 300 dollars worth of groceries and other necessities. The woman explained that she used a website called “” to print these coupons from home, and then combine them with the store’s current deals when she did her shopping.

I was skeptical at first, but I had to give it a try. Anything that could save me some money is worth trying out at least one time. Using my hughes net, which is satellite internet in Texas, I logged on to the website. I had to download and install a required browser add-on that allows you to view and select the coupons of your choice, sending them to your printer, but that was all. There were no hidden fees or fine print.

Now I can print my coupons without ever leaving the house. This is a great way to save some extra cash. has coupons for literally everything that you could ever need. And the best part is that this online service is absolutely free to use. I am able to go online with my computer and download coupons directly to my printer, any time I choose to. If you like to save money, you should give a try.

A few weeks ago I married my fiance. We had already been engaged for about 4 years, even living together for 3 of them. I finally decided that it was time to tie the knot. We were able to plan our wedding day and honeymoon all in one. We picked out a date on the calendar and we booked our flight and hotel reservations.

We had decided on a very small town named Kawela Bay, located in Hawaii. We would fly out to the island two days before our anniversary, arriving with a day’s time to spare before the wedding. We had planned everything out so that our honeymoon would take place the same night of our wedding, on the island. I have never been too interested in computers, however I was aware of how convenient they could be when comparing quotes on hotels and airline fares.

Using a service called Google Earth, my fiance was able to get several photos of the small town pulled up on our screen with our hughes net internet service. I was completely amazed that you could do this. I had no idea that regular people could access satellite imagery from their own homes, free of charge. But to my amazement, she was just getting started. She was also able to pull up recent photos of the actual honeymoon suites from several different hotels in the area, with side by side price comparisons.

After we agreed on the hotel we were going to stay at and booked our reservations, she was then able to download an 8 minute video tour, guiding us through every single part of the hotel. From our honeymoon suite equipped with a jacuzzi to the indoor swimming pool and recreational rooms, the video tour definitely played a huge role in making our hotel selection.

Thanks to our satellite internet service, all of this was possible. I don’t think I will ever use dial-up service again.