Welcome to Monday Mayhem.

This week’s meme is called “What are you thinking”?
For each scenario, give your interpretation of what the person may have been thinking.
Have fun!

1. The person with 40 items in the 12 items or less line. Must be very hungry or greedy.

2. The driver who is smoking and talking on a cell phone while driving. Well, obviously he wants to kill himself and taking other people’s lives.

3. The father with 8 children and a TV show who cheats on his wife…over and over again…I think it’s the libido taking over the brain of that guy.  He wants more kids for basketball team that’s why he plays other team too.

4. Facebook and their security features. Ohh I hate it.

5. Heidi Montag.  Who is she? hehee

6. People who attempt to sell Viagra via spam comments. Grrrr. why can’t they use all their viagra and see what the side effects it.  In that way they will stop selling it and trashing our blogs.

7. Those wonderful shoppers who catch up on their phone calls while shopping. Whoahh!!! Good thing I don’t do grocery shopping.

8.People who find themselves on the People of Walmart website.

Britney Spears let herself go…….again.
Kentucky (photo from People of Walmart.com)

I haven;t heard about it waaa.  Thanks for the picture.

9. People who just can be stupid….

From Whitetrashrepairs.com

Maybe they have tons of money to0 waste building house in an area like that.  Well, what can i say, its not easy to be stupid guys. stupid!looove

10. People with multiple-multiple piercings. Ewwwww that is really gross and not cool. I think they want to show how tough they are.

11. Blog Stalkers

really?  That’s insane.

12. In-laws who are controlling or bossie.

I’m glad I have nice in-laws.

13. People who use or wear items and then attempt to return them.

My sister does that though.  I’m lazy to go through the hassle of returning stuff.

14. You share one with us :)

Money dosn’t grow on American trees.  Just because we are in the land of opportunity, it doesn’t mean that we are rich and have a dumptruck of dollars in our pocket.

My apologies to those who were not able to post on last week’s linky. I’m back on Linky this week .Thanks for playing!
Have a great week!