Welcome to the second week of Nostalgia hosted by ever sweet badingding of Nostalgic Marvelling. Let us walk down memory lane and reminisce the happy moments.   My second entry is our family pictures when were litte dodn’t have scanner guys coz we are foorz hehehe so make sure you are wearing you extra eyes so you can see them clearly :-D .  Anyhow, the pictures was taken at the bench.  I was born and grew up in Camp 14, Bukidnon.   It is still fresh in my memory how we always look forward for family beach party like this.  My father was a Del Monte Philippines Inc. private security.  At that time the DMPI was run by American owner so we live there for free.  Every Christmas and Summer the company will give an incentives to all the DMPI employee depending on their position.  So, every summer I always look forward for the beach party.  I have six siblings plus my half brother but in this picture my two youngest siblings weren’t born yet.   This activity was changed when the company was sold to the Lorenzo.  And the new management was kind of cheap, they laid off lots of DMPI employee.  When my father got laid off in 2008, we had to moved and find other place to live.  The policy in the place was once you are not working in the company you are given 6 months to pack up and move. I cried a river when we left the place all the sweet and bitter memories of my childhood was left in that place :cry: :cry: :weep: .  From that day on i never see my very best friend/childhood friend because her father got laid off before my father did and they moved to Bohol.  Although once in a while I would go there to visit some of my closest friends (friends from grades school to college) that are still living in there.
The family who was with us in this family pictures is our closest family friends who lived next to us and that lady next to my Mom was her best friend.
There you go guys I just share a tidbits of my childhood.  Now, go visit other nostalgia family and enjoy!