First of all I just want to greet my dearest badingding a Happy Birthday. luv yah…mwah!


That is right! I so missed being young, carefree, happy go lucky, and everything you think is fun fun fun. I think it’s okay to miss your youth and reminisce those good ‘ol days.  I have few toys collection from Looney Tunes that i stole from the store while I was still working in there hehe.   The guy who was assigned for the inventory was a very good friend of mine so every time he does the inventory he always sneaked out some toy for me.  Working in the KFC was one of the fun job I got.  I was still young and have so much energy for night life.

Most of my co-workers from that job had no idea that I was already a graduated in college. While working in the KFC, I also did my self review at the same time for the Teachers board exam. It was funny coz during the examination; I came home late that night and had to get up early. I was sleepy while answering the test. Good thing I passed the exam coz if not I would probably give up with my life. Then, during my oath taking, I had a morning schedule from work and didn’t know about it. It was my neighbor actually who informed me about the oath taking when iwas on my way to work, so after my 4 hours shift I went to the place where the oath taking was with my dirty shirt and jeans. My closest friends from back home (bukidnon) with their family were already there all dressed up nicely. I was that irresponsible with my life back then. There was even a week that my Mom and Dad been asking my sister about where i was because they haven’t seen me for weeks already. I left the house early and came home early in the morning also. I had to climb the gate because I didn’t want to wake my father. This KFC was in Limketkai Cagayan De Oro City. After i graduated college in Cebu City, I came back home and found this job at KFC. Btw, some of the old pictures I have here was scanned by my sister and sent them to me through emails.