It’s the week 3 of Nostalgia hosted by sweet badingding :-) .  As the days and weeks passes by the more we feel nostalgic about those good ol’ days.  My old job, old friends and old students that I have had handled when i was still a teachy teachy made me feel nostalgic all the time.

During my first year of teaching year 2000 as regular permanent teacher I was first assigned in the Mountain School.  We were 10 teachers mostly singles that lived in the City.  We go up in the mountain on Monday early in the morning and stayed there for a week.  Friday, we called it flyday because that’s the time that we fly or so excited to come down from the mountain.  Since most of us were still young and single at that time we usually act like a child.  Fun and adventures was always in our mind if we are not inside our respective classroom.  We take a shower under the rain water, play badminton every night, go uphill and visit the community, play cards if we get stranded in the school during typhoon, and if there is a Disco(dance party) in the community during fiesta of course the teachers were always invited.  People in that community and our student gets excited if they see their teacher dancing.  Lots of happy memories we have in this place. And because we enjoyed teaching in this place we didn’t file a transfer until we reached two years and some of our co-teacher/friends got married and got prego.  The group became dull and boring when some of our friends got transferred to the City.
This was our purok where we handled special class and activity to reach out the community.

This place is so beautiful and feels like Baguio City because of the cold temperature.  We used to make a joke about this place that you need 10 cents and you reach heaven.  These were my last group of kids i handled before i got transferred to the City.
I was transferred to the City(2002) and assigned in the Labangon Bliss Elem. School.  These were the last group of 4th graders I handled before the Principal assigned me to grade one because I was one of the young teachers in that school.   When I left my job I forgot to keep some of the pictures I had in my classroom table.  I filed a leave of absence thinking that if I don’t like it here my husband would send me back home.
I missed my friends, pupils and co teachers.  Good thing there is facebook i be able to connect them and chat.

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