I don’t rants on the blog that much, well sometimes about my husband but not about other people. This time it’s about this people who in a consulate but doesn’t entertain fellow Filipino. Take this, around April of this year husband called the Philippine consulate for the first time. A lady answered the phone and gave her a not clear information. He asked something about passport renewal and the lady on the other line said that consulate will be moved to Harrisburg by April 17th. So, husband thought that was great as we don’t have to go to new York to renew my passport. Harrisburg is just a 5 or so hour drive from where we are. The plan of going to New York City was changed. Then, few days had passed and husband checked again their website and found an information about New jersey and no more Harrisburg consulate or something. He got confused, and he let me called and talk to the people in the consulate using Tagalog. He was thinking maybe he misinterpreted what the lady said. So, I did call and asked for clarification but instead to answer me nicely since i am Filipino and their job is to entertain the Filipino and give them help and support, but the faggot guy on the on the other line answered me in a annoying and bitchy manner to check their website. And take this he gave me an information that go to Harrisburg on the May something (i forgot the date) because they will be there. We looked at their website and there was none schedule about harrisburgh but its was New Jersey. The reason we called is to seek answers and clarification of few questions we have in mind that their website don’t have answer on it. Instead of treating me nicely, he was arrogant. I was pissed because the faggot hanged up the phone. Then we tried to call again to tell them that there was no Harrisburg. But that gay guy picked up the phone but didn’t answer it. How rude was that. My problem with this kind of people is, if they can do their job well better resigned. This is one attitude of some Filipino, they entertain if the caller is not a Filipino but if it’s Filipino they treated them like s#!t. Even in the Philippines, when we processed our Visa and other documents, it was the Filipino who give us hard time instead of helping us. I encountered that kind of people during the initial interview at the Philippine embassy when they asked me for additional photographs to support the relationship. I only have 3 different posing of the same pictures so, what I did was I had to raised my eye brows and didn’t let her to intimidate me. What can I do, that was all the pictures I had. I was wondering, what is the problem with this people. They can’t do their job well, and they don’t know how to entertain people. Plus they are rude as if they know everything or they own the consulate. It took us tow months to get hold of the people at the consulate again. We cooled off our mind and gave them a call again yesterday. First, nobody answered the phone, it was a machine. Husband left a message in the machine to call us back. They never called back that day, so this morning husband left a message again. Finally, a nice lady returned our call and answered our question with straight and direct yes or no answer. That was really nice lady to entertain their caller and did her job well. Thats the kind of employee the Philippine consulate should hire. Not some kind of acting like smart ass faggot who doesn’t know everything, can’t do their job well and enjoying the money from the people who compensated him. There are lots of people of his kind who happen to have good position in the government but never do their job well. They should get fired. I hate people like that. Btw, that Harrisburg that he was talking about was just an outreach program from the consulate to go to different state so that Filipino immigrant don’t have to travel to renew their passport and other documents. It’s only a one day event and they set a different date to other place again. In our case we missed the date in Harrisburg because it was conflict with husband’s class schedule. So, we have to go to NYC this summer to renew my passport and report of marriage.