Guest post written by Natalie Berger

This Mother’s Day my kids told me that they would help me remodel the kitchen that I use so much.

I own a little bakery where I work, but I also constantly bake and cook at home because it’s what I love to do the most. So my favorite room takes quite a beating, especially the countertops where I mix, roll out and arrange my edible creations.

I was thrilled when my kids told me about my present and have been looking up remodeling services and appliance in my spare time since then. I’m careful and put a lot of thought into almost everything that I do so I’ve been doing a lot of online research about the sears kitchen gallery. Along with my morning coffee lately, I’ve been perusing through kitchen design blogs for some design inspiration.

The trouble with figuring out what I want is figuring out what I don’t want, which is pretty hard because there are so many great appliances and ways to decorate kitchens out there! Maybe by next Mother’s Day I’ll finally have my mind made up.