Thanks for the post from Gus Le

Since I am watching my brother’s two small children this summer, I have decided to take some extra measures to make my home safe for them. I already have a Home security alarm, so I didn’t need to buy one of those.

Te first thing I did to make my home safer was put a fence around my above ground swimming pool. I had two different companies give me estimates for my fence. Since both companies gave me the same price, I decided to go with the company that wanted to put up a metal fence. I also bought a pool alarm for my pool. The alarm goes if there is any movement in the pool.

To make sure the children are safe going up and down the steps. my husband installed a new and sturdy handrail along are steps. We also installed childproof locks on our windows, so we don’t have to worry about the children falling out of the windows.

I also bought a gate to put in front of our steps, so the two year old child cannot climb the steps.

After doing all of these things to my house, I feel that it much safer for my brother’s children to stay with me during the summer.