Yes, it’s true. Life is not fair but we learned a lot from it though. Anyhow, one of my former 4th grade pupils just found me on Facebook. When I checked my facebook after we got home from NYC trip, I saw his friend invite and message in my dash board. He said something that he’s been searching me online. It took him a while to find me online because my family name had changed. He was one of the good students I had back then. Even if i was transferred to firs grade this kid and few of his friends keep visiting me and hanged out in my classroom. They helped clean my classroom after class and share their story about their new teacher and the stuff in grade five. So, I sent him a message and asked about his studies, what year he is in now and how he was doing. I felt sad when he told me that he didn’t finish elementary. He was supposed to be in 2nd year high school this year, but due to financial problem, health and parental guidance he didn’t finish the elementary. His uncle was the one sent him to school and he doesn’t have complete parents to guide him and watch him. He was also sickly that is why he started grade school at late age. He was already 14 years old when he was in my class back in 2006. He said he stopped schooling right now and work as a janitor in our school Labangon Bliss Elem School. That is why i said life is not fair. I am happy to hear from my old pupils and I am touched that they still remember me.