I missed nostalgia last week because……??? Then, last night I was meaning to post my nostalgia early but I was so sleepy and tired already. So, without further ado, here is my ever late entry folks :-D :yawn: :ZZZ:
I saw the hanging mobile that I made when Jake was still little.  Imagine how tough our first year back then that even a hanging mobile for my first born can’t afford to buy it.  Every thing from crib, bassinet, and and more were hand me downs.  The reason I made this mobile was: I read in the book or magazine i think that newborn baby only recognized the black and white color when they’re still newborn.  This is good for eye sight.  Our life when we had Jake was really tough.  We didn’t have everything and thanks to my MIL for always there helping us with some of our expenses.  Even the materials in making this hanging mobile were made from the stuff I found inside our room because we don’t go out that much and I didn’t know where to buy colored papers, card board and stuff like that.  The white one was made out from the diaper cover then i cut some black colored paper I found in the magazines.  That bird was a box that has colors in it. I drew a bird, cut it off and done. While the fish is the same thing.  I think it was from the shoe box, i drew a fish and cut it off.  Put some string on it and hang them in a hanger. 

We lived in a single studio type bedroom along the parkway. Jake had a jaundice in his 1st week of life because he was not getting enough sunlight. I had to sit right by the small window to get some sunlight. Behind the window was a cliff so it seldom times I see sun light in that old apartment. The was no place to stay outside except the stairs if i took Jake outside. Then, one reason I didn’t like coming outside was because all I see was cars passing by.

This is what our life was.  It took me years to adjust to my life when I came here.  This was not actually I expected to have the kind of life here in the US.  That is why, in my first 2 years in the US I had been wanting to go back home and apply for a teaching position in CDO.  At least in the Philippines, even if life was so simple and we don’t have much, at the end of the day we still laugh, smile, and relax a little because we can get all the help we need from our family.  When Jake arrived my life started to have colors and he gave me reason to smile.

Every now and then, babger and I talked about our life, our old place and all the fights we had when we were still living in this little apartment which I called sometimes dungeon or pigeons house.