Guest post written by Tanya Kinder

I promised my granddaughter that I would take her to Build-A-Bear for her birthday months ago so by the time her birthday rolled around, she had already looked up online what animal and clothes she wanted to get.

She stuck with a regular teddy bear and we made our way around the store so we could watch it get its heart put in and get stuffed with cotton. Then we had the task of picking out which outfit and accessories the bear would have. My granddaughter pointed to what I thought she wanted, a ballerina outfit. So I grabbed it off the rack (it was too high for her to reach) and started to get in line. Then she tugged on my pants and told me that she wanted the firefighter instead and said that’s what she was pointing to and said in the first place.

I had completely missed that and thought that hearing her hadn’t really been a problem and that maybe I should get hearing aids. When we got home I looked at hearing aids prices and found some that I thought were reasonable enough. I’m supposed to go to the doctor in a few days to see if I do need them.