When we were at Slippery Rock last weekend I noticed that my Mother-in-law’s next door neighbor hasn’t done yet cleaning his house. For me it’s more like renovating the house because they have to remove everything and replace it with new ones. I’ve seen them taking out bricks, tiles, woods, carpets and other so I am thinking they are going to replace everything inside that house. They put that house in the market before and had it rented to someone for more than three years while looking for buyer. They couldn’t find any buyer because the tenants didn’t take good care of it instead they ruined it. So, the owner had to kick them out and decided to go back living in that house. It requires serious machinery to get that kind of job done. The tile removal alone is not an easy job and so was the floor removal. Removing the floor is a tough job and using high quality machinery like Terminator-2000EI can make the job done in no time. The Terminator line is the ultimate in floor removal technology. It can also do good job in carpet removal. You can check out Innovatechproducts.com for floor removal machine. Innovatech offers an extensive line of products to use for polishing, grinder, removal and tools from Innovatech Products. So, check out Innovatech Products for all your flooring needs.