I was feeling so Nostalgic when I saw these photos at my sister’s folder in FB. Part of the reason she posted it there so quick was to make me jealous that they went there. Not jealous the negative side but of course make me feel nostalgic. Anyhow, this place was my home town since birth. We moved out from this place in 1998. I graduated college that year and we had no choice though because the Del Monte INC paid all the private security which my father was one of them. That was one of the painful moment of my life, leaving the place that became part of my life and my friends that I considered family.
I was amazed how the place looks like now.  It is still Del Monte but the company owner is different now.
This is the camp site where we usually hang out, picnic, camping and even dating place.
This area right here, it just used to be a woods where we picked mushrooms, twigs or woods for our dirty kitchen, play hide and sick, pick up some coffee seed and sell them and even the passage going to the pineapple field if we want to steal some pineapples.  I even stepped human feces in this area when we got caught stealing and i tried to run because I was scared that my father would beat me up.
Only one familiar neighbor i see in the picture and that is the one wearing the pink shirt.  When her Husband Died, my Mom always threw me out of the house at night just to sleep with them because she was scared.  They don’t have lights and TV so i always cried everytime my Mom locked me out after throwing em out the door. She is my Mom BFF.
And of course I miss hanging out with my sisters and I missed my younger brother.  It’s been 11 years since the last time we see each other.  He grown to be a fine and successful man.

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