Car is a necessity but others consider it as luxury. Car is practically expensive as well as the gas. We’ve been using the same car for 11 years now. Every time we renewed our registration we always pay more money for the car repairs. We always see one or two problems with it that needed to get fix before it passed the inspections and get a sticker. I would say this car is a survivor to have made it through 11 years and yet still running really well. Perhaps, having new custom seat covers would make it look great in the inside. A car this old it’s obviously to see couple of dents here and there but what is important is they run safely. Like I said car is expensive and for us it’s not a luxury however we can make it look luxurious by adding Luxurious Vel-Quilt Seat Covers. We used a sort of recycled seat covers because it is made out of used bath towel. Well, they’re all ruined now so it’s time to replace it with new seat covers.

Luxurious Vel-Quilt seat covers are elegant and refined, easily matching almost any interior including the newer hard-to-fit split bench seat like 40-20-40 and 60-40. These quality seat covers are very comfortable, durable, machine washable and provided lasting protection. Vel-Quilt seat covers are available in bench or bucket seat styles for most makes and models of luxury automobiles and come in ten sophisticated colors. If you are looking for seat covers to match up with the color of your car then, you would want to check out They provide fine quality seat covers since 1997. Seat is you one stop shop for seat covers, truck seat covers, floor mats, dash covers, car covers and more. They have wide selections of seat covers with different styles and colors to choose from to dress up your car. So, what are you waiting for?