Thanks for the post, Lucius Gaines

One of my favorite childhood memories is when my dad took our family to a double-header in Cincinnati. He has been a lifelong fan of the Cincinnati Reds and was hoping to pass that love along to his three kids. Mission accomplished! Though our family is scattered throughout the states, we still like to get together when it’s possible to watch a game together every year. While it’s not always possible to plan it for a Reds’ game, those are by far our favorite ones to attend. Our dad always goes with us, and there is never a dull moment. We get a block of rooms at one of the local hotels and spend time catching up with not only each other but local people we have become friends with over the years too.

When it’s time for the actual game, it seems we are always in the loudest section of the stadium. I’m sure every fan feels that way, but I think our section is magical because of the bond we all have! We love it when the game goes into extra innings too. It just means more hot dogs and peanuts for us. Is there anything better than stadium junk food? We all look so forward to that special weekend every year, but we still have fun on the other game days. We all watch the games on our satellite TV’s from since we all have the MLB package, and we email or talk on the phone throughout the games. I appreciate my dad for so many things and our family’s love for the Reds is just another reason why I do.