I used to plucked my under arm hair when I was single. I don’t like to shave and don’t have money for waxing either hehe. But with my busy life now I only have little time for plucking hairs and shaving is the quicker way. When my computer died i got all the time to do some pampering for myself. Good thing i brought this puller that I stole from my sister’s possession here.

There’s a story behind this puller. This puller was owned by my sister. We had a fight one day and we weren’t talking for 3 or more months. It’s hard to find a puller that can pull hairs easily. When i saw this puller laying down on her bed i hid it. She was looking for it but since we were on a silent war she didn’t bother to asked me if i saw it. I didn’t used it in those times that she was still living in my house as she was suspecting me for stealing her puller but i tried to deny it by pretending to look innocent waaaaaa. She forgot about this precious puller and she moved out from the house. I think she already forgot about her puller now totally. This is mine now and I never told her until now that i have her puller because she might take it back from me.