Woot..woot! It’s Thursday already and tomorrow Flyday. We used the term flyday when I was still assigned in the Mountain school. Anyhow, time for Nostalgia hosted by the sweetest Chubskulit. Thanks for hosting the meme badingding. Poof!

…Is my entry for this week Nostalgia. Do you still remember when this poopy thingy came out in Blue magic store. I am not sure if that is the name of the store but I remember what store was it. Some people used this as Christmas gift during Christmas cringle or in exchanging gift party to spoof some one. It was really nasty and yet funny cute. So, when Joe visited me back in December 2006 I told him I have special gift for him. He got excited because i said he’s gonna love it. He also bought a funny gift for me. I was right he loved it and brought it here in the US when he flew back home. The gift he gave to me was a size extra large Super Man T-shirt. What was he thinking. :no: When I was prego with Jake I used the shirt as prego dress.