This was the sign pasted in the Xerox machine inside the Philippine consulate. Well, my family and I went to New York City to renew my passport last summer. We already anticipated what would be our day inside the Philippine consulate or offices. No offense but Philippine offices always busy and crowded for some reason. Anyhow, as soon as we came inside this passport, renewal processing room I saw lots of people standing in every corner of the room. They got there very early and been waiting for an hour already. Some people did not provide photocopy of their documents. When a man in the processing window said something about submit a photocopy of the visa and back page of the passport every body panicked. And started to disappear because their Xerox machine was not working and it’s out of order. Places like that should have extra Xerox machine copier just in case the other one is not working there still one working. This is just a suggestion folks if you are in the market for Xerox; consider checking out xerox phaser 8560 and read reviews or product details to check its compatibility. Click the link provided to compare prices. Hope this no more out of order sign pasted to any Xerox if they got a really good brand and kind.