My brother in law smokes cigar but I am not sure if it is Padron cigars. He is a Pilot in South West Airlines and love going to the bar to drink and socializing as well. He is very nice and friendly person. However, in that old place we used to live for two years there is a store that sells cigars and humidors. My sister and I went there to buy a humidor as her gift to her husband. Unfortunately, it was out of stock and the one on stock was very expensive. I told her to check online and she did. She even bought premium cigars and other accessories for her husband. Her husband has good job that pays decent amount of money. They can afford to buy things they love no matter how expensive is it. She’s been here in the US for quite a while but her husband doesn’t want her to work. They both have lots of things in common. They love to socialise and travel a lot. Every weekend, they invite friends for small gathering or party at their house.