Talking about home improvement and makeover, my family would be the first in the list that needed one desperately. Most of the things we have right now were hand-me-downs from my husband’s colleague’s. And my mother in law also helped us with some to the important stuff we need. Life is really tough and my husband’s salary is only enough for our basic needs. We already paid off some of our debts so we started saving up and tighten our belt so we could buy what we want. We still need to buy so many things that is very important to me. We bought a washing machine last year out from the money I earned online but we failed to buy a dryer. Believe it or not i hang our clothes up on the attic to get dry. It’s hard but what can i do we still don’t have the money to buy one. However, we live in a very old house and most of their furniture are old as well like the toilet bowl for example. We had to be careful in flushing it so that the handle won’t fall off. And every now and then we need to used a plunger because it clogged up. We only not need home improvement but total makeover and we are doing it little by little.

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