This guest post from Zack Hinton

I love watching TV shows and movies Free on Demand on my Satalite tv packages. There are so many options, something to make each member of my family happy. For my husband, a martial arts movie or TV show like Law & Order. My daughter is a toddler so loves anything that is a cartoon or computer generated, and the free on demand feature offers so many choices to entertain her. My favorite are reality shows and dramas; Cake Boss, So You Think You Can Dance, Fringe and House are among my top choices.

Family movie night is so much fun; we get the popcorn and soda, some chocolate snacks and sit down on the couch to watch TV. Morning, afternoon or night, we have our options open since we are able to what what we want, when we want. It’s a great way to catch a good movie we’ve been wanting to see, or to catch up on a series we watch. It’s very nice to be able to watch more than one episode in a sitting, rather than having to wait till the following week to find out what happens next.

TV is a big part of our lives, we love to ‘get away’ by following into a story line or with the real people in a reality show. It’s a nice relief from the everyday of real life.