If you know someone who is expecting their first child, you may want to throw them a baby shower. A baby shower is a get together with the mother-to-be and her family, where everyone gets together, eats, drinks and opens presents.

First, have the future mother register for baby supplies at the local baby stores. This way people attending the shower can have a good idea of what to get her. This also prevents anyone from giving duplicate presents to the mother.

Next, put together your guest list. Invite people from both sides of the family. Pick out a place that is neutral for everyone. You can have the baby shower at a community center, or even at someone’s house.

Next, send out the invitations. Take note of how many people are coming. In the weeks leading up to the shower, use your prepaid card to buy party supplies and food as well. If guests offer to make food, take them up on their offer in order to relieve some of the pressure off of yourself. Enlist the help of other friends so that you can get the shower completed and finished in a reasonable amount of time.

On the day of the shower, make sure you have a lot of food as well as a lot of games to play. Nothing is worse for guests than having nothing to do but watch the mom open presents. Parties can get boring after awhile, but if you have a lot of games to play and prizes to give out, people will have fun and the party will go through smoothly.

Have the mother open gifts in a timely manner. Make sure you make a note of who got what, so thank you cards can be sent out later.

If you plan ahead and have great ideas, everyone can have fun at a baby shower.