There is something about vegetables that makes them unappealing to kids. I don’t know if it is the color, texture, taste or just what they have heard about them that make kids turn their noses up in disgust. The fact is that kids need to eat their vegetables, and if you want to get the right amount of servings into your kids, you might have to resort to alternative tactics.

One tactic that usually works is to hide the vegetables. This can easily be done by chopping the vegetables up so small that they can’t be seen, or blending them with other things so they are unrecognizable. Some good restaurant supplies such as a blender, food processor and chopper should help you get the trick done. Just add the ground-up vegetables to your dinner casserole sauce, or whatever else you have made for dinner, and your kids won’t be any the wiser.

You can even tell them what vegetables were in the meal after they are done eating and say something like, “I didn’t know you liked peas so well, we’ll have to eat more of them.”

Another tactic you can use is to make it fun. Kids are a lot more likely to eat raw vegetables if you serve them with tasty dipping sauces. You can’t go wrong with ranch dressing, but there are lots of others to choose from.

So, if you have picky eaters who avoid vegetables like the plague, be creative and try to find ways to get those leafy greens into your kids as painlessly as possible. Sure, you can sit there at the table and refuse to let your child leave until they have finished their vegetables, but that just makes them angry and you frustrated. Try to do something that your kid will not hold against you when you are older. Life’s just too short for fights over vegetables.