Most of my closest friend online who knows my story about my husband and everything are perhaps have develop dislike toward my Jose maria santimaan san juan hehehe. I don’t talk nice thing either about my babger. But today I’ll share other side of Joedub. He is actually a sweet person and I was. I think I am not really sweet person but i can be sweet to someone who deserved to be treated nicely. Like i said Joe used to be sweet always saying i love yous and sweet nothings. But in out few weeks of being together after our marriage plus the kind of fights we had I stopped being sweet and never answered him back. This card is one of the evidence of his sweetness. I found this in my baul of trash hehehe just kidding. In our 3 years and a half of marriage he only gave me one card and that was it. Well, it takes two to tango. I don’t give card either. I have my reason also why i don’t.