Not just old but very old. The address is so easy to remember just put 1 and that is it. This house and our next door neighbor’s house is the only two houses in the street that has 1 digit. The rest had two or three digits number in their home address. You can really tell that this house is as old as ages. If I’m going to enumerate everything needed to buy to improve the furniture and fixtures in this house it’ll probably take hours or so. So, let us focus on the bathroom instead. I love the bathroom in general because it’s big enough to accommodate a family of four, although there are few dents here and there that needs replacement. One of it is the bathroom sink faucet. It’s broken yet and it’s still looks okay but the rust around the base makes it look dirty. I already scrubbed and cleaned it hard but it didn’t come off. I found a Hansgrohe faucet online which is very nice and the price is quite reasonable. We still have to refer all this broken fixtures and furniture to the management.