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Now, I don’t know about everybody else, but I know that video games and the systems can be quite expensive. When a new system cost a few hundred dollars it can really break the bank. Games can also be fifty dollars or more and that makes it hard. I love to present my fiancé’s son with a new video game but I don’t really know where to get them cheap. This is why I love Black Friday! Black Friday shopping is awesome for these games and the systems that come with them because they mark them down as low as half off. This means that instead of buying simply one gaming system, I get the system and a few games. Life can’t get better than this.

I usually take my fiancé with me when I go game shopping because I am somewhat clueless in that regard. We go to the main computer stores the day after Thanksgiving and end up getting quite a few items that keep his son happy for a long time. The liens are incredibly long sometimes but there are always fast cashiers and customers willing to let you go ahead of them if you only have a few items. I have learned the being nice really pays off on this day. I have also learned after an incident at home that setting my home security alarm system(here is more information on home alarms) every time I leave on Black Friday is a good idea.