I just talk to my friend in Indiana this morning because she called to greet me a happy birthday. She was my housemate, close friend and we both work in the same place handling fourth graders. She came here in the US in 2008 and got married to her fiance’. Anyhow, she planned on going back to school and finish her nursing course this spring semester. I told her to check out the website MarcusUniforms.com if she needs a nursing scrub and uniform. They offer wide selection of brand name medical scrubs, nursing scrubs, Cherokee scrubs, nursing uniforms and medical uniforms for men and women. They also have variety of designs, styles and colors available for a very low prices. She has a sister in Chicago who works in a hospital as a nurse. I guess that website would help her find a good place to buy scrubs for her sister and for her when she finish school in two years time.