Guest post written by Kayla Mendez

It’s been a long time since I’ve put together stocking stuffers for little kids, but I’m pretty excited to be doing that because my daughter and her family are coming to spend Christmas with me. Normally I got to them, but since they’re coming to me I told my daughter not to worry about stocking stuffers and that I’d handle them so that will be less stuff she’ll have to worry about bringing with them.

I went online to try and find some good ideas for stocking stuffers. I already have a good idea of what to get them because I know the stuff that they love. While I was online looking up ideas, I came across the website and after I read through it some, I thought about it a little bit and decided to sign up for one of the internet packages featured on there.

Some of the kids stocking stuffers that I got included candy, which is fairly obvious. but I also bought some mini sketch pads and coloring books that they can draw in with some crayons. I also got some matchbox cars and Dora the Explorer toys that I knew theyÕll both love.