It’s Nostalgia once again and my entry is my old passport that i used when I went to Japan and the other passport you see in the picture was the one I used in coming here (USA)

Philippine Passport and Visa to US /Japan

After my 10 days trip to Japan last summer 2005 my passport got damaged because of the heat moist. I had to get a new passport when I processed my paper for US

Below are just some of the photos taken in Japan. I actually hide this photo because the husband is super jealous waaaaa. This was the best trip and memorable trip i ever had. The place was really awesome and the person i was with was the nicest guy ever.

Photo @Mount Mitaki

The top of Mount Mitaki (356 meters) commands one of the best views of Hiroshima City because of its central location.
Mt. Mitaki

Showa Park

Showa Commemorative National Government Park is a national government park in Akishima and Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan. This park is not a public park in the sense that it is free. Users pay a small fee to enter the park.