Do you know that some retail store in the Philippines still using the old kind of cash register that issues receipt manually? That is true, especially small stores owned by small time business person . Back in college I used to live in a squatters area in Cebu City and lived in my Aunt’s house. Not all the people there are really squatters but they happened to belong in the area where most property were squatted. There was this Chinese man who married to Filipina in order to own a business in the area. Their business was sure a successful one as they bought lots of property and vehicles but they never had a receipt printer in their store. They issued receipt manually and besides their store is more on credit. Well, only in the Philippines where you can find convenient store that sells item in retail items. You can buy one kilo of rice, a pack of salt, or sachet of shampoo and more. These stores don’t issue receipt to their customer.