3RD Year High School Photo

Our batch ’94 has created a group page in Facebook where we can connect and communicate with our batchmates for Alumni Homecoming next year and reconnect most especially. They just had a High School Reunion last December 26, 2010. They posted old high school photos of different groups and sections. One of my third year classmate posted this one and i asked her if it’s alright to snagged it.

I showed this photo to husband and he said no wonder I didn’t get a boyfriend back in high school because of my short hair whahahaha. Actually, it was third year high school when i got my first menstruation. Would you believed that. Paano magkaboyfriend eh hindi pa nga nagdalaga lol. I was late bloomer and i never had boyfriend in high school and even college. The last time I attended our high school reunion i found out from my boys batch mate that the reason they’re hesitant to come near me or perhaps court me because i was a bully. And I remembered during third year high school one of my best friend told me that she can’t get a boyfriend if she keep hanging out with me because i make fun of the boys. Well, i was one of the boys kind the gal back then. Can you spot the ugly fugly duckling in the photo? Look at the #3 in the first row from the left.

Recent Photo of my High School Bathmates who attended the Reunion last year