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Last December I posted about the wrong item from Overstock that they sent to me during holiday rush. I ordered a pant and the item arrived on my mail was a gloves. So, I went to their site and chatted to one of their representative. They sent me my ordered immediately and asked me to return the wrong item. Well, I don’t like the gloves so even if I hate all the hassles in mailing stuff back i had no choice but to return it, I was thinking if I like the gloves I would just rather pay the price for it. To make the long story short, they follow up me regarding the item so I called them if theres other option aside from going to UPS office for delivery. They said I can send it through regular mailing services and just fax, or print the recent and send it back to them so they can reimbursed the amount for shipping. So, I mailed and they got it on their end safely but the problem was I don;t have printer or fax machine. My husband don’t want to use the fax machine in their office. I did not bother to asked them to refund.

Now, we totally need a printer, scanner and stuff like these so if we have problems that need some copy of some sort we can provide it. This is one thing we don;t have here in the US, we live here but we are not living the American way. We are lack of things that most people these days must have. In fact it was a blessings when we broke the old computer, as we got the chance to buy two computers. I’ve been asking my husband to buy a printer, scanner, and alike but he keep saying “Oh yeah we definitely need one, will buy one soon,”. I guess the word soon meaning 100 years from now LOL