Is it the weather or are more people suffering from fatigue nowadays? Maybe it can even be attributed to age, but I know most of the moms I communicate with say they’re getting more tired more than usual now. I could also be because of their work, routine and schedule but it’s hard not to feel fatigued yourself once you start hearing stories from other people.

Maybe it’s just CFS but researching about it online, I found out that there is now a possible chronic fatigue syndrome treatment. Although I personally don’t want to think that I’m that sick, it is still good to know that steps are taken to find treatments for illnesses that most people suffer from. Reading the statistics online, I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from this treatment. For sure I have some friends who will be happy to hear about it.

But as soon as a treatment of one sickness is found, other sicknesses are diagnosed. I guess it’s just the circle of life, as they say. But as long as we keep ourselves up to date, and do our part in trying to ensure that we at least try to keep ourselves healthy, let’s hope we don’t get afflicted with new, or old, sicknesses, diseases and viruses.