I posted last week the old cartoon character folder for Nostalgia entry. I have kept that folder because I love it and I brought that here in the US because I separate my personal documents from other papers. I place this papers together with the rest of the old important papers which I think not so important now. When I left the Philippines I filed for absence of leave for three months without pay. This is a long story yo, so beware hehe.

Personal Leave of Absence

There you go my leave of absence that cause me to lost my job forever :cry: . Few days I arrived here I wanted to go back home but my fiance’, husband now did not have the money for my plane ticket back home and he did not let me go. He wanted me to resigned right then and there but I refused as I have to make sure that my life here is safe and secured. Anyway, we printed out and scanned all the necessary documents that the principal sent to me and did that in my husband school since we don’t have printer. We sent the resignation letter right away to school and the principal acknowledged it that he received the letter. I keep in touch with my co- teacher where I trusted my money and everything. After a month I sent money to my co teacher to pay for my balance loan. I also asked her to checked my ATM because I know I had few cash left in there. She was surprised to find out that I still got paid even if i was on leave without pay. I was surprised myself too and wondering who filled up and processed my DTR. I told her to just leave the money in my bank account and not touch it. Three months passed and I thought I was cleared and everything but I was surprised to received an email from my former principal asking me to pay P79,000. My initial reaction was shocked and told him why would I pay the amount I did not have in my hand. We know how people get to hot with money. I asked my aunt and she said it was not my fault because I had all my papers submitted before I left. The problem was, I got paid the months I was on leave from June to September and they deducted me for the absences. Now, I was pissed how the hell i got paid when I was on leave and the principal clarified that he got my resignation letter in June.
Important Documents

I had a fight with the principal through emails because he said he forgot to submit my resignation letter to the Division office because he misplaced it. Now he said to return the money so I will get cleared. That pissed me off so I name names on him and insulted him that he probably used the money because I did not have it in my hand. I blocked him so I won’t be able to get emails from him asking for the money. I called the teacher that had my ATM and the money in my ATM only amounted to 10k+. The principal chased the teacher that holds my money and took the 10k. I asked my sister to go back to Cebu and get all my ATMs and other from them. Of course the ATM was empty because they had the money already and the thing was there was no receipt that they received or returned the money to the Division office. My Aunt who is also a teacher and experience an over pay before told me that the money was supposed to be mine now because it was their fault to over pay me. This is really a long story but to cut it short. I am not cleared in the Division and they said I still have to pay that amount . My question was, where is the money?

I was actually planning to apply for a teaching position someday in the Philippines but this incident will affect in my experiences background. And I think they will ask me to pay the amount before they will clear and released my papers just in case I need work or years of service of some sort.


Note: This papers by the way is just the copy of the papers I submitted to the Division, District and School. The region had copy too of this leave of absence. Thus they still screwed me up.