I used to have medical insurance when I was still working as a public school teacher back in the Philippines. Every month I get a deduction of 100 php from my monthly pay. I thought I wasted that amount of money since I never really used it for myself and I paid this insurance for over 7 years. When my best friend delivered her first baby and they did not have that big amount of money for the medical bills, she used her medical insurance and got out of the hospital for almost free. Although, I quit with my job and never got the chance to used my medical insurance, I realized that it is very important to have such so that you will not pay high medical bills.

If you are looking for cheap medical insurance try checking out HCI Medical and perhaps get a quote by filling up the form found in their website. It’ is better if you get a quote first so you will learn the various plans they provide to ensure you are getting the best coverage. See to it that the medical insurance you will plan on buying will cover the basic cost of hospital services including food, nursing, medications, a semi-private room, emergency room, intensive care, ambulance service, X-rays and tests done in the lab as well as the cost of surgery and other miscellaneous. These are the reasons why medical insurance is important and essential to every family’s needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get a quote now!

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