Sister cleaning our stove top

I am the second sibling to the eldest and did most of the chores when I was growing up. My mom also had favoritism. She was always with my older brother, sister jijie (photo above) and younger brother side. Every time we had a fight I the older sister always in trouble. Every time my older brother forgot to finished all the assigned task to him, I always ended up doing it. I grow up being mean and to my younger sister the one next to me as she grows up to be spoiled brat.

Growing up doing chores of my brother and sister made me hate chores. The most hateful chores would be cleaning the stove. It happened many times that every time my sister will visit us here, she would clean the stove hehehe. I hate cleaning the top of the stove and i sometimes asked the husband to clean it for me. Not all the time he said yes though to wether i like it or not i had no choice but to clean it.