Did I tell you that I found a new hobby aside from blogging? I guess I did but I just want to share this hobby once again. It’s postcard collection. I was influenced with other postcards enthusiast whom I know online. These people are also bloggers and I’ve seen their postcards collection came from the people all over the globe. Thanks to one blogger (you know who you are) for sharing the postcrossing website at Facebook.

Meanwhile, I was at the Squirrel Hills in uptown Pittsburgh looking for new postcards and some memorabilia of the place that I could send to few of my friends. I found this store that not only have wide selection of postcards but as well as souvenir stuffs like steelers pin, keychain, mug, earrings, and more. I like the custom pins but I did not buy one because I run our of cash. I bought couple of collectibles for myself and promise to go back to that place some time and buy a bunch.