Last summer we bought a new bicycle for husband, a carriage for the kids and a bike rack. The shop owner where we buy all these gave us a discount. My MIL bought her bike too to this shop. It’s located in Franklin. Anyway, we had lots of bicycle ride last year and every time my husband installed the bike rack he always complain. It was not a very sturdy kind and durable bike rack like thule bike racks. Having said that we probably need to buy a new bike rack this time that can hold the bikes securely and easy to install. Summer is the time of the year where most family will go some places just to ride a bike. My family used to go to Franklin trail, it’s an hour drive from Pittsburgh. Sometimes we go to this trail right around waterfront. It’s like a 10 minutes drive away from our place. I am not sure if we will be doing lots of bicycle ride this year but we definitely need a new bike rack.