I’m back again playing for this week nostalgia. My apology bading for not participating the meme consistently lately. I guess this is the prize of having to many blogs and it sure will take a toll on you.

Anyway, my entry is my baby picture and my wrong spelling name. I’ve been carrying this picture in my wallet since the day i see this one in our family album.

I’ve been using a wrong spelling name since i was in grade school up to high school. Back in Elementary, my teacher misspelled my name but I was still young and ignorant to noticed it. Then when i was in first year high school i tried to correct my name by switching the e and i and pronounced it as SHE rather than SI. Something wrong with my first year high school teacher i guess because she still pronounced my name as Seila and misspelled it.

To make the long story short, I finally corrected my name before i graduated high school. I kept writing the correct spelling and my teacher also used the correct spelling that was written in my birth certificate. Name, is very important and it is very expensive also to correct it. So, good thing i checked my birth certificate earlier and i got the chance to correct it.