To the left is my dearest father, Leopolds, my aunt Lily, Judith and Fely. Lily is the youngest siblings. Their eldest brother currently live right now in the US that is why he wasn’t there. Out of 7 siblings only four stayed for picture taking during the wake and burial of their cousin who died couple of weeks ago for heart attack. He was their first degree cousin and very close to my father. The late cousin used to live in our house with his new wife before when we were still little. Anyway, not all the time my dad see his sibling except on special occasion and fiesta. They live in Guadalupe, Negros Occidental. It takes 10 to 15 hours on boat going to Cebu City and long hours trip ob bus and boat going to Negros. I miss hanging out with my aunts though. These are my elders :-D

I snagged this picture from my aunt Lily picture in FB.