My two year old daughter love singing this song from the cartoon Dora the explorer. Both of my kids had their own little backpacks. They love using it whenever we go to the playground or park. But these backpacks are too small for them now. There is even no space for juice or wipe to put inside. I am looking for a personalized backpacks so I can put their name on it. Having their name on their things and looking at it all the time will also help them familiarize the spelling of their name which is very helpful when you start teaching your kids on how to write their name. I was browsing online and did some search in Google looking for backpacks for kids. After a few searches I found Personal Creations backpacks which is very cute. They have different cartoon characters and you can also put name of your children in the backpack just like in this picture. I love it and I’m sure my kids will love it too.

Jungle and Princess Backpack - Image from