One of the women I admire is Oprah Winfrey. She is a hero in her own way, a strong woman and yet has a weakness for the unfortunate ones. Over the years she has spent in the limelight, she has helped countless number of people, organizations and foundations worldwide. She has uplifted the lives of so many families and young children in Africa, helped victims of the devastation of Katrina and so much more. She is truly one amazing woman. She is an epitome of a woman of generosity, kindness and care for the humanity. Aside from these wonderful and exemplary characteristics, I also have a high regard for Oprah’s fashion style. She is the one woman who exudes beauty despite being quite heavy. She knows when and where to start a trend.

One episode that I can’t forget (and somehow wished I was one of those lucky ladies) was when Oprah did a total makeover for some ladies. She had them dump their old wardrobe in exchange for some trendy plus size clothing, revamp their hairstyles, had them made over by the experts and some were even asked to wear plus size clubwear. I was envious because the ladies were totally transformed.

Oprah is truly a giver, from the simplest to the lavish and grand things and because of that, the world and the people whom she has helped gave back to her also.