My friend and her Beau were in a long distance relationship for quite a long time now. They stay connected and talked to each other through online services. With the help of technology now, they come to know their daily activities and her beau’s where about. She would know straight away what he is doing and who is with him. Even if they are far from each other, she feel that they are just near because of this technology that brings them closer together.

With the 12 hrs difference on time, just got her luck because the beau’s work starts at 8:00pm and that is 8:00 am in her country. While she was preparing for her lesson and starts his works, they both turned on their lappy for them to talk and see each other while working. They connected and continue their communication virtually that bring them closer to each other. They never mind the distance and thanks to advance technology.

It was around 11:30 pm in his time and while my friend’s students were taking their break, she and the boyfriend having few chit chat when the accident happened. He was preparing the hospital bed like changing some bed linen and pillow cases because another patient will use it. She was watching him on the webcam and while he was changing those stuff, when he was about to climb in to the bed; it collapses and he fells on the floor landed on his knees. She was so shocked and so worried about his condition but he gets up and looking great again, he said he is ok and that he did not feel any pain. She noticed that there is something wrong the way he walks so she asked him if he was alright. He said it’s just a little pain due to that fall but he assured that the pain will go away.

That very next morning my friend got an early call from the boyfriend and said that he can’t get up and walk. His knees were shaking and he could not stand alone. He said that he won’t go to work today and he will make some phone calls about his health insurance.

He was advised by his insurance company to file an accident at work compensation since it happened in the work place while he was on duty. An insurance agent even offered him another claim which is car accident claims. He just declined it and go for accident work compensation. He is now relieve and feel better because he is being assisted by his insurance Claims4negligence.

Upon knowing what transpired with their conversation she is more relieve now that the beau is being taken cared of. This is the story of my friend and her boyfriend who just experiencing injury problem and how they handle it. This will inspires other to take their cases if they got injured while at work because they could be entitled to personal injury compensation.