Attractive and Comfortable Barstool

Have you ever really looked at the seating in your neighborhood bar or a restaurant with a counter? A good barstool must be solid, attractive, and comfortable. That’s not all, it should give the gentleman or lady sitting on it an air of sophistication. That’s a lot of work for a piece of furniture that you usually buy in a set of at least three or four — or at lot more if you actually operate a dining and beverage establishment.

I was looking at web site filled with all manner of barstool, pub sets, and what not and I was thinking about all the ways I could use some of these very attractive sets at home. If you think about it, a good restaurant should feel like you’re in a really nice home. Why shouldn’t a home feel like a really good restaurant?

In fact, I bet you didn’t know that the idea of eating and drinking anywhere but home is fairly new concept in the West, though eating out has a much older tradition in China. Apparently in Europe, the modern restaurant started when it became fashionable for aristocratic ladies to drink special broths for their health, called restoratives, which is where the term “restaurant” comes from. In no time, restaurants started offering complete menus. They were among the first establishments outside the home or church where it was considered appropriate for women to appear.

Before that, there were only taverns and inns — you know like the ones where the hobbits stopped in “The Lord of the Rings” — which were a little bit like mom’s house in that, if you didn’t like what they were serving, you were pretty much out of luck. No menus. But I imagine everyone at the better ones sat on a nice barstool.