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In pursuit for good health, people have made different ways of motivating themselves. Some would challenge themselves to diet in order to lose weight. Others would set goals to run and exercise for a period of time, while others will form into groups and do a dare. It really has made wonders for some, but most of those who attempt to stay healthy would just, at the end of the day, end up in frustration. Staying healthy is quite a challenge these days—not to mention that almost all of the food that we consider are processed ones, which are not healthy at all.

HealthAmerica has come up with a brilliant idea of combining social networking and wellness by sponsoring Race to the Moon challenge and partnering with Cafe Well. Café Well was created to provide safe and secure health care destination that connects you with other people who share your health care interests and needs. If you are a member of HealthAmericaSince, then you are eligible to join CaféWell for free and have access to their fun features, including challenges, advice and more. You can also join the Race to the Moon program and have a chance to win great prizes

I’ll be 35 next month and to be honest I don’t consider myself as a healthy person. Hence, I would like to challenge myself to be healthy and well. I would take 20 minutes walk around neighborhood, eat healthy food, get the right amount of sleep everyday and try to do little exercise everyday. I hope with this challenge I created, I will lose weight and don’t feel nauseated all the time.

Cafe Well in partnership with Health America has provided people who are at the verge of giving up on running and walking, and have become hopeless at the thought of staying healthy.

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