As we grow older and have family of our own, our priority will also change. We opted to move to other places or maybe country in search for greener pasture. We focus on family first and in providing their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Buying a house is as important as other basic needs but sometimes this will come as the least as it needs big amount of money or perhaps financial stability. Buying a house is an investment. It’s expensive but worthwhile and essential. Every places or country has different process in buying a house. It may be easy, difficult or hard, they’re all stressful. You deserved a pat in a back if you happened to live in other country and able to acquired your own house or property. Of course, if you have house you also need to get home insurance to ensure the the security of your home against theft and burglary. This is very important wherever you are in the world even in UK. I have a friend in UK who is lucky to be married to a man that had owned a house already and yes, they’re protected with home insurance. With today’s crime rate, our home is the only place that we feel safe and secure.