How was your New Year’s celebration everyone? I watched the countdown on TV in Time Square New York. It was amazing. The confetti, fireworks and crowd sure had wonderful new year. Every year is a new chapter of our life, new beginnings, dreams and goals that we want to accomplish. It may be for personal resolution, family or even home improvement. Perhaps, replacing the tile in your house or bathroom is one of the things you have in the list.

A picture of the bathroom tiles in our old apartment
Should you decide to go with mosaic tile or just go with the simple glass tiles. Here is the website you probably would want to check out for glass mosaic tile as they have wide selection of tile including glass tile that suits your preferences.

Speaking of home improvement, I know we have long list after list that we don’t exactly know if we will be able to achieve this year. Our bathroom tiles, crack walls, crawling spot of this house, basement and more are just some of the important things we have on the list. So, I wish that this year 2012 and all through out the year as matter of fact, we well be able to finish and improve one project at a time. I wish for good health of course, and abundance of blessings for all of us.